Early Learning Monitor 2022


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What Australia thinks about early learning.

The Early Learning Monitor is a national survey conducted by Essential Research on behalf of Thrive by Five. The monitor was first run in 2021, this is its second year.

This research aims to understand how everyday Australians and parents think the early learning system currently works, how it impacts children into adulthood and how important this issue is to their vote. The research surveyed n=4,786 Australians over 18 years old, regardless of whether they had children or not. For more information about how we conducted this research and to read the methodology click here.

Key facts 2022


of Australians believe that

high costs limit many parents’ ability to send their children to childcare or preschool.

Monitor highlight


of Australians say

cheaper childcare would be very good for the economy

up by 16% since October 2020.


Of all Australians believe we need a universal system

that is accessible to everyone and that it should be part of our public education system.

Monitor highlight


of parents of children under school age

believe there should be an increase in government-funded Paid Parental Leave.

Early learning monitor results 2022

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Support for a universal high-quality early childhood education and care system

Cheaper early childhood education would be beneficial to the economy

Early learning should be treated as part of the education system

Importance of improving early learning education and care to Federal vote

Belief that many families don’t send their children to early childhood education and care or limit how long they send them, because of the cost

Belief that children who attend daycare or preschool at a centre will often have more opportunities for play-based learning than those who do not

Belief that children who have not been exposed to play-based learning between the ages of zero to five either start school behind, or are not ready to learn