Share what early learning and childcare is really like.

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We want to hear your stories.

Australia’s early learning and childcare system is outdated and expensive. Chances are, you’re here because you understand the impact it is having on Australian children and families.

We know many families have great stories about early learning and childcare to share, and also know many families have faced some big challenges. The more we hear from you the better we can advocate for high quality, universally accessible and affordable early learning and childcare. 

Decision-makers need to hear real stories from real people like you; your experiences and challenges with the early learning and care system and why it needs to change. They need to know what it’s really like.

Not sure what to say? Here are some suggestions:
  • Do expensive fees make it challenging for your family to access early learning and childcare? This is really useful for politicians and other decision-makers to hear about!
  • Have you seen how important early learning and childcare is for children’s development?
  • Is it difficult to find an early learning and childcare centre that suits your family’s needs?
  • Do you think everyone should be able to access high quality early learning and childcare?
  • Do you have a personal story about your family and early learning and childcare?

There’s no wrong thing to say! It’s just important that we have real experiences to show the good and bad of our early learning and childcare system. Whether there are things that make it challenging for you to access early learning and childcare, or if you’ve seen how important early learning and childcare is for children – whatever it is, they need to hear about it. 

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