Every child should have the right to thrive by five

The first five years of a child’s life are absolutely critical.

There’s an overwhelming body of brain science that shows these early years are the best opportunity we have to make a difference in the lives of our children.

This would be a total game-changer for every child, every parent, every early childhood educator, right across the country!

What will our proposed law do?

A national body

A national body
Establish a national body for rolling out a universal early learning system – so that every child has access, no matter where they live.

Quality and affordability

Quality and affordability
Ensure quality and affordability is consistent.

$10 per day

$10 per day
Give every child 3 days of early learning per week, capped at a cost of $10 a day.

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The law will:

  • Define a high-quality early childhood development system which includes families, communities, Commonwealth, State and Local government providers in health, human services, and early childhood education and care.
  • Define a nationwide entitlement for all Australian young children and families, an Early Childhood Guarantee which includes flexible paid parental leave, universal and free access to maternal and child health care with additional support for families who need it, three days of early learning per week for every child, capped at a cost of $10 a day, and additional days for those who need it at minimal cost.
  • Establish a joint statutory body between the Commonwealth and State/Territory Governments that would be responsible and accountable for delivering a high quality, universally accessible early childhood development system and an early childhood entitlement which would support state and territory governments to establish and maintain a high quality universal early child development system, clarify and, where required, negotiate the roles and responsibilities of the Commonwealth and State Governments and ensure consistent universal access to three and four-year-old preschool across all jurisdictions.
  • Legislate a 10-year timeline for delivering a high quality, universally accessible early childhood development system and early childhood entitlement.

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