February 3rd, 2021

WATCH IT NOW: Tali Health & Thrive By Five Town Hall.


Did you miss the TALi Health and Thrive by Five town hall? Scroll down to watch it below.

How might we re-imagine the relationship between the Australian health and education systems to promote better outcomes for children with attention and learning difficulties?

High quality early learning lays a critical foundation for the development of children’s health and wellbeing. 

Access to quality early learning experiences results in a number of positive benefits for children’s social, emotional, and academic skills as they start to move through our education systems.  It’s crucial for children experiencing learning difficulties to be identified as early as possible so they can be provided with the additional support and interventions needed to thrive.

For children to receive timely support, a collaborative and value-based relationship between our health and education systems is needed.

Moderated by TALi Health.

To hear from Australian of the Year (2004), national living treasure and epidemiologist Professor Fiona Stanley, as well as experts from SPELD Victoria and Telethon Kids, on childhood brain development, learning difficulties and the need for early identification and intervention in early childhood.

This event is part of the Thrive by Five campaign working to make our early learning and care system is high quality and universally accessible.

Introduction by Jay Weatherill (CEO, Thrive by Five)
Panel Chair: Dr Simone Gindidis PhD (Clinical Lead, TALi Health)
Speaker: Fiona Stanley AC
Speaker: Rosemary Cahill (Chief Investigator, Early Years Initiative, Telethon Kids)
Speaker: Claire Stonier-Kipen (CEO, SPELD Victoria)

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