February 12th, 2021

WATCH IT NOW: McKell Institute Thrive by Five Virtual Summit.


Did you miss The McKell Institute: Thrive by Five virtual summit? Scroll down to watch it below.

The McKell Institute in partnership with the Thrive by Five campaign invite you to join us for a virtual summit on Australia’s childcare system and the potential benefits that the current system isn’t capitalising on.

A panel of passionate industry experts including ACTU President Michele O’Neil, The Parenthood CEO Georgie Dent, Thrive by Five CEO Jay Weatherill, philanthropist Lucy Turnbull and the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia CEO Mohammad Al-Khafaji will discuss childcare related topics in depth and also engage with attendees in a thorough discussion.

There will be a series of breakout roundtables on topics related to childcare including, but not limited to, the economy, politics, benefits to children and workplace health and safety.

Speakers include Grattan Institute’s CEO Danielle Wood, McKell Institute Chair Dr Craig Emerson, and Rowena Phair, Project Leader of the Directorate for Education and Skills from OECD.

The event is completely free and suitable for anyone who has any interest in childcare and the impact it has on women, families, the economy and politics.

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