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We’re launching something very exciting!

There are lots of problems with Australia’s early childhood education and care system: the cost is astronomical, there aren’t enough centres available, it’s complex to navigate, and the workforce are undervalued and pushed to the point of exhaustion.

For this to change, we need the Federal Government to step up and take responsibility for fixing the problems with the system.

That’s why we’re officially launching a new campaign, to call on the government to implement a once-in-a-generation reform to enshrine in law the right of every child to access early learning.

A law that says every child should be given the best chance to Thrive by Five. It would:

  • Set up a national body that would be responsible for rolling out universal early learning that would  be responsible for resolving key issues in the early years system – including supporting the early childhood educators our children need, and ensuring the quality of early learning is consistently high.
  • Give every child 3 days of early learning per week, capped at a cost of $10 a day.

This campaign is going to be huge – if we win, it will change the trajectory of children’s learning journeys. But it won’t be possible without you. Will you add your voice to the call by signing the open letter to the Prime Minister, Minister for Education and Minister for Early Childhood Education calling on them to Make it Law?


Read the open letter below

To Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Minister for Education Jason Clare, Minister for Early Childhood Education Anne Aly, 

Our early education and care system isn’t working. 

The cost is astronomical, there’s a nationwide shortage of early childhood educators and there aren’t enough centres available, with millions of people living in childcare deserts. 

All of this means that too many children are missing out on the benefits of early learning. This is affecting our children’s learning journeys – the overwhelming body of brain science shows that these early years are the vital time to make a difference. 

That is why we’re calling on you, our federal leaders, to take on the responsibility of fixing the early learning system by implementing a once-in-a-generation reform; enshrining the right of every child to Thrive by Five in legislation. 

We are calling for a law that would give every child the best chance to Thrive by Five:

  • create a national body to oversee the roll out of a universal early learning and childcare system that would ensure the quality of early learning is high, and prices are affordable. It would also be responsible for supporting the early childhood educators our children need. 
  • give every child three days of early learning and childcare, capped at a cost of $10 a day so every child has access to early learning, so every parent can stay in or re-join the workforce if they choose to do so.

This is an ambitious reform that would change the lives of children right across Australia. 

Every child should have the right to Thrive by Five. 

We the undersigned call on you to Make it Law. 


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