April 26th, 2021

A budget boost for childcare offers the hope of real economic reform.


A budget boost for childcare offers the hope of real economic reform

24 April 2021 – The Thrive by Five campaign has welcomed media speculation that the Federal Budget will include an increase to the childcare subsidy.

The Australian Financial Review today reported the Morrison government was considering spending billions more on childcare subsidies as part of a suite of measures to ease the cost burden on families, increase workforce participation and win back estranged women voters.

Thrive by Five CEO Jay Weatherill said reforming Australia’s outdated and expensive childcare and early learning system needed to be a top priority for the May 11 Budget.

“A significant Budget boost for childcare is very welcome and an important first step towards universal access to high quality early learning – the economic reform Australia needs,” Thrive by Five CEO Jay Weatherill said.

“In modern day Australia it takes two incomes for most families to buy a house, but it takes affordable childcare to earn two incomes.

“Fixing the childcare and early learning sector is the type of reform that will define this generation of political leaders – the Medicare and GST of our time. This reform will set Australia on a trajectory of economic growth unmatched in our nation’s history.

“It will deliver more for families, more for women and, most importantly, set our children up for future success.

“I look forward to all state and territory leaders bringing their plans and ideas on early learning to July’s National Cabinet to build on the commitments that have been foreshadowed in the May Budget,” Mr Weatherill said.