Ask the PM and Treasurer to put the early childhood education and care workforce at the top of the agenda

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The early childhood education and care workforce is in crisis.

Early childhood educators are leaving because they cannot afford to stay. They are exhausted, overworked and underpaid.

The impact of this goes beyond educators too; it affects children and parents, as a shortage of early childhood educators means a shortage of places available, preventing parents from being able to work. Even worse, children miss out on vital learning opportunities.

That’s why we’re calling on the Prime Minister and Treasurer to put this issue at the top of the agenda for next week’s jobs summit.

Will you add your voice to the call now, by sending a message to Prime Minister Albanese and Treasurer Chalmers now?

Learn more about the Jobs Summit

The Federal Government is holding a jobs summit on 1-2 September. 

At the jobs summit, the government, unions, employers and civil society will come together to  discuss how to address the current economic challenges: 

  • including boosting productivity, 
  • raising incomes, 
  • skill shortages 
  • and ensuring women have equal opportunities and equal pay. 

Fixing the crisis in early learning will address all of these challenges. By increasing the wages and conditions of the early learning workforce, more educators will be attracted to the sector, which will allow more parents – usually mothers – to choose to return to work. 

That’s why this issue must be at the top of the agenda for the summit.