Join the campaign to reform Australia’s early learning and childcare system.

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The size of a child’s brain reaches 90 per cent of an adult’s by the age of five. Early childhood is a time of rapid change – particularly for the development of a child’s brain. These early years are critical for lifelong learning and well-being. Talking, reading, playing and singing with babies and toddlers is so important in shaping thinking and emotional patterns for life and influencing learning, relationships and resilience.

However, the importance of this development and learning process has been ignored by decision-makers who continue to treat our early learning and childcare system as a child-minding service for parents returning to work.

Add your name if you agree that it’s time the value of play-based learning is recognised. Let’s make Australia’s early learning and childcare system high-quality, universally accessible and affordable so that every child can benefit.

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