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Australia’s early learning and childcare system needs reform.

The size of a child’s brain reaches 90 per cent of an adult’s by the age of five.

Which is why these first 5 years are so important for a child’s development. Singing, reading, practicing sharing, making friends. These are all of the things that help us learn through play. If we get to do lots of these things before we start primary school, it will help prepare us for our life-long learning journeys.

But right now, 22 per cent of children start school developmentally vulnerable – which means so many kids are starting off behind, and it makes it hard for them to catch up.

That’s why every family should be able to access early learning and childcare. It needs to be high quality, universally accessible and affordable, so that every child can learn, through play, the skills they need to prepare them for school and life.

Will you join the campaign? Add your name and be part of making all this happen.

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