Ask Premier Andrews to implement the Royal Commission’s recommendations.

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This is an opportunity for a once-in-a-generation reform for children.

A Royal Commission in South Australia has called for bold changes to early learning and childcare to make it cheaper, high quality, and easy to access – and it could have huge impacts for the whole country.

The report recommended some incredibly exciting changes, including:

  • giving parents and carers information and supports for child development
  • investing in rural and remote ️early learning infrastructure
  • introducing dedicated degrees in education that focus on the first five years of a child’s life

These are desperately needed changes not just in South Australia, but right across the country. They would take the pressure off families, allow women to return to work if they would like to and – most importantly – give children access to early education and care, to kick-start their learning journeys.

The South Australian Premier Peter Malinsauskas is already making moves to implement many of the recommendations from the Royal Commission – which will literally be life-changing for families in SA. But every single family in Australia deserves to see the benefits of these changes to early learning and childcare.

That’s why we’re calling on Premier Daniel Andrews to roll out the recommendations from the Royal Commission in Victoria.

Will you help flood the inbox of Premier Daniel Andrews telling him about the recommendations, and asking him to roll them out in Victoria to make early learning and childcare more affordable, high quality and easy to access? 

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