Ask Prime Minister Scott Morrison to make early learning high quality, universally accessible and affordable

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Because of you and all that you have done to support the campaign, the Opposition leader has stated that the legacy he wants to leave is universally accessible early learning. In fact, he likened universal early learning to Medicare, superannuation and the NDIS.

The Australian Greens and many of the Independent candidates have committed to reform of the early learning system too. And it’s not too late for the Coalition to improve its policies.

Our political leaders are listening more carefully than ever to what people in Australia want. That’s why we have a huge opportunity on our hands.

Will you send Prime Minister Scott Morrison an email now, and ask him to commit to making early learning high quality, universally accessible and affordable? Send an email by using the form on the right side of the page. 


Thrive by Five with 70 partner organisations engage with more than 1 million interested Australians calling for affordable, universally accessible, high quality early learning and childcare. Further information can be found here.