Building a thriving future for Dobell children

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Let’s talk childcare and early learning.

Register now to join us for an online event to discuss childcare and early learning challenges and issues in your community.

Thrive by Five and its supporters have been working hard for reform of our early learning system, aiming to make it universally accessible, high quality and more affordable.

Now it’s time to step things up in Dobell.

The Federal election just around the corner means local MPs, candidates and political parties are more open than they have been for a long time to hear about the concerns and aspirations of local parents, educators and communities.

This is our chance to have our voice heard for reform of early learning and childcare. 

 In Dobell, like the rest of Australia, the early learning system has become outdated and expensive. Although it’s an essential service, government funding has failed to keep pace, leaving families out-of-pocket with expenses and creating unequal access to appropriate, high-quality early learning and childcare.

During the first five years of life, the human brain develops to 90 per cent of an adult’s size. This makes the early years critical for lifelong learning and wellbeing. 

Please join Thrive by Five and KU Children’s Services for a local forum to discuss the future for local children in Dobell. You will have the opportunity to share your lived experience of early learning, or to share your ideas about how we can make it high quality, affordable and universally accessible.

Guest speakers include:

  • Jay Weatherill, CEO, Thrive by Five
  • Rosanne Pugh, Director, KU Ourimbah

This event will take place on Thursday 25th November at 5:00pm AEDT on Zoom.

Reform of the early learning and childcare system will drive workforce participation, particularly for women, boost productivity and GDP, boost our nation’s education performance, and give children the best possible start in life. 

We hope you will join us. Together, we can build a thriving future for Dobell’s children.