Add your name to the Dads’ Action Plan for the early years.

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Add your name: dads want action on the early years.

Prominent dads and organisations from across Australia have come together to launch the Dads’ Action Plan for the Early Years to show their support for early years reform.

If you’re a dad, carer or parent who wants your kids to Thrive by Five – add your name to make the campaign stronger.

What is the Action Plan all about?

Outdated gender stereotypes mean that sometimes dads feel like it’s not their role to focus on their child’s quality of care, or that they aren’t supported to be involved by employers or the community.

But equitable parenting arrangements are better for everyone – kids, mums, dads, workplaces, the economy and broader society.

That’s why a new alliance of dads and organisations have joined Thrive by Five to launch the Dads Alliance Action Group and the Dads’ Action Plan, outlining key policy changes that would empower dads to help their kids thrive by five, promote equitable parenting and give kids the best possible start in life.

We’re asking for:

  • A national strategy to support fathers to take an equal share of parenting
  • Universal access to early childhood education and care
  • 12 weeks paid paternity leave
  • Better parenting and perinatal resources for dads
  • Incentives for men to become early childhood educators

With more dads involved in Thrive by Five, we can continue building on the momentum and wins of recent years. The Dads’ Action Plan for the Early Years will amplify the right of every child to thrive by five and show that equitable parenting arrangements are better for everyone.

Will you share the plan with a dad in your life so that together we can show the government that dads want action on the early years?

Add your name to form on the right to show your support now.

The Dads’ Action Plan for the Early Years is signed by:

  • Dads Group
  • Australian Association for Men in Early Childhood
  • Welcoming Australia
  • Playgroup Victoria
  • The Parenthood
  • University of South Australia
  • University of South Australia – MENtor program
  • Australian Fatherhood Research Consortium
  • The Fathering Project
  • The Wiggles
  • KPMG
  • Support for Fathers
  • The University of Newcastle
  • LifeEd NSW
  • Playgroup NSW
  • SSI
  • Turbans 4 Australia

View the Dads’ Action Plan here.

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