Looking at early childhood education through a trauma lens

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Join Berry Street and Thrive by Five in a thought provoking online event to hear how a trauma-informed approach to early childhood education and development can ensure children grow up safe, thriving and hopeful.

Currently our early learning and childcare system is treated as a child-minding service for parents returning to work. We need an accessible, universal approach to early childhood development in Australia.

In this event we will explore how experiences of trauma, neglect and family violence impact on a child’s ability to learn and how reform in Australia’s system can support children and young people recovering from trauma to achieve their full potential.

Keynote Speaker: Jay Weatherill, CEO Thrive by Five and former Premier, South Australia.

Special guest: The Hon. Ingrid Stitt MP, Victorian State Minister for Early Childhood

And a panel of experts from Berry Street including Annette Jackson, Adj Associate Professor, Executive Director State-wide Services and Take Two practitioners in a Q&A session focussed on the intersection between trauma and disadvantage.