June 14th, 2022

Thrive by Five welcomes NSW government’s landmark $5 billion in early childhood education.


Thrive by Five welcomes NSW government’s landmark $5 billion in early childhood education

14 July 2022 – Thrive by Five has welcomed the massive investment from the NSW Government in making early childhood education more accessible.

Thrive by Five Director Jay Weatherill said, “The NSW Premier, Treasurer and Education Minister are to be commended on their leadership and this ground-breaking announcement.

“The size of this landmark investment is matched by the scale of its ambition and the lasting difference it will make in the lives of children and families in NSW and beyond.

“The unprecedented investment announced today is a major step towards the development of a national universal, high quality and affordable early learning system for Australia.

“It creates the opportunity for the states to work with the Albanese Government in a truly bipartisan way to meet its objective of reform of Australia’s early learning and care system.

“Thrive by Five looks forward to NSW joining with the Commonwealth and other states in this significant reform and nation-building project.

“Early learning reform will provide a legacy of better development outcomes for children, greater workforce participation and equality for women, lower costs for families and a stronger Australian economy,” he said.


  • Mitchell Institute’s Deserts and oases: How accessible is childcare in Australia? Report shows one million Australians do not have access to early learning and childcare.
  • The same study shows about nine million Australians live in a childcare desert with more than three children for every available childcare place.
  • The rising cost of childcare is hitting many families hard and prevents at least 100,000 from accessing childcare.