March 9th, 2022

NSW government throws down the gauntlet to Canberra on significant early learning reform.


NSW government throws down the gauntlet to Canberra on significant early learning reform

9 March 2022 – Prime Minister Scott Morrison should take up the challenge set by NSW Treasurer Matt Kean today and make universally accessible, high-quality and affordable early childhood education and childcare a priority in the upcoming Federal budget.

Treasurer Kean has today indicated that if the Federal Government fails to take the lead on universal, affordable and accessible childcare, NSW will step in with a major intervention in its June budget.

Thrive by Five Director Jay Weatherill said, “The NSW government is showing the way with strong leadership on early learning reform.

“The NSW Liberal government has indicated it will make significant moves on early learning in its upcoming budget, the Federal Labor Party is moving, the Greens are moving – where is the Federal government?

“This is not a party political issue, this is about improving the lives of Australian children, women and families and it  will grow our economy at the same time.

“The vast majority of Australians want action, now it’s time for the Federal government to embrace early learning reform.

“Every Australian child should have access to more affordable, high quality early childhood education and care, regardless of where they live and how much parents earn.

“Making high-quality early learning and care accessible and affordable for all Australian families is our best chance of giving children the right start in life, supporting greater workforce participation for women, easing pressure on household budgets and growing the economy.

“We know what’s needed to reform the system, now we must have greater political will to make it happen, “he said.