July 26th, 2021

New survey shows Australians will vote for better early learning and childcare.


New survey shows Australians will vote for better early learning and childcare

26 July 2021 – A new survey of more than 4,700 Australians shows that seven in 10 people want early learning reform, and that many will vote for it at the next election.

Thrive by Five’s Early Learning Monitor was launched on Monday, at the beginning of Early Learning Matters Week.

“A high quality, universally accessible and affordable early learning system is fundamental to ensuring all children have the best opportunity to thrive and key to locking in Australia’s future prosperity,” Thrive by Five CEO Jay Weatherill said.

“Early learning really does matter. It’s much more than just a slogan.

“High quality early learning, provided by a qualified and appropriately recognised workforce, helps support children at the most critical time of their development, their first five years.

“It is critical to building a strong foundation for children’s future wellbeing and happiness.

“It also ensures parents can participate in the workforce and help keep Australia’s economy strong through higher productivity and increased GDP.”

Thrive by Five is pleased to be joining with Early Childhood Australia to support Early Learning Matters Week, an important opportunity to demonstrate the benefits early learning provides children, families and the broader community.

“Right now, the early learning and childcare system is outdated and expensive. It’s not available to all children, and the interaction of the subsidy with the tax and welfare systems can serve as a disincentive for parents taking on additional hours or days at work,” Mr Weatherill said.

“There’s a triple dividend for Australia if we address this.

“Reform of the early learning and childcare system would drive workforce participation, particularly for women, and boost productivity and GDP. It would lift our nation’s education performance and give children the best possible start in life.

“Many Australians, especially parents with children under school age, have placed political parties on notice that reform of early learning and childcare could influence their vote at the next election.

“The community clearly values the role of early learning in the development of children and family life, and recognise its contribution to the economy, society and gender equality.”