Tell our leaders in Canberra why changing early learning & childcare is important to you.

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Our CEO Jay Weatherill is going to Parliament – and we want your stories to go too. 

Jay Weatherill is going to make a speech at the National Press Club next month, before heading to Parliament to meet with MPs from all sides of politics to urge them to take the early learning & childcare system seriously.

But for our politicians to really listen, they need to hear real stories, from real people like you, about your experiences and challenges with the early learning and childcare system – and why it needs to change. Will you tell Jay what he should tell our politicians when he meets with them in Parliament next month? Just use the form on the right to share your story now. 

Not sure what to say? Here are some suggestions:
  • Do the costs make it challenging for your family to access early learning? This is really useful for politicians to hear about!
  • Have you seen how important early learning is for children’s development? This is a great thing for our politicians to hear from you!
  • Is it difficult to find an early learning centre that suits your family’s needs? Let our politicians know.
  • Do you think everyone should be able to access high quality, early learning? Tell our politicians that!
  • Do you have a personal story about your family and early learning? That’s a perfect thing to tell our politicians about!

There’s no wrong thing to say! It’s just important that politicians hear about real experiences with the early learning & childcare system; whether there are things that make it challenging for you to access early learning, whether you’ve seen how important early learning is for children – whatever it is, they need to hear about it. 

 So tell Jay – what should he tell them? The more stories he takes to Parliament, the more impact the conversations will have.

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