Sign the petition to support early childhood educators

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Early childhood educators are essential workers who work tirelessly to provide children with a high quality early childhood education. 

But despite their critical role, educators remain amongst the lowest paid workers in Australia. Many are stretched to the point of exhaustion, often doing their planning, parent communications and reporting outside of work hours. 

Because of the low pay and conditions, staff turnover is high – which disrupts the important relationships between educators and children and impacts on quality and parent confidence in the system. It also means there’s a skills shortage in the early learning system, with official government figures showing a gap of 30,000 early childhood educators by 2023. 

Our early childhood educators deserve better. 

That’s why we’re calling on the Federal Government to support educators. We’re calling on them to deliver an urgent, national early learning workforce strategy that outlines the current state of play and offers innovative, effective solutions to support educators in their jobs, expand their training and deal with the workforce expansion needed in coming years.

Will you sign the petition, calling on the Federal Government to support early childhood educators?