Prime Minister Morrison must take responsibility for the early learning & childcare crisis

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Early learning and child care centres are essential services – but this week many hardworking educators have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Early learning and childcare centres in Sydney, and other locked down regions, are under acute pressure and are reaching breaking point. They are trying to support families locked down at home by waiving gap fees whilst also finding the money to continue paying staff.

That’s why Prime Minister Morrison and the Federal Government must act urgently to provide support for quality early learning and childcare centres to remain open, support families at home and retain their essential workers to ramp up again when lockdown finishes.

If the Prime Minister doesn’t act now, early learning providers will be left with the stark choice of standing down their workers or forcing families, who are doing the right thing staying at home, to pay full fees so workers wages can be paid.

Investing in high quality early learning won’t just benefit educators – it will support families and expand their working capacity, while stimulating the economy. 


Sign the petition calling on Prime Minister Morrison to take responsibility, and provide early learning educators with the vital support they need – for educators, for parents, for children and for the economy.