June 14th, 2022

The Parenthood welcomes $5 billion boost to early childhood education and care sector in NSW.


The Parenthood welcomes $5 billion boost to early childhood education and care sector in NSW

14 June 2022 –  The Parenthood welcomes the NSW Government’s announcement today of $5billion over 10 years in early learning as a vital emergency support for the state’s early childhood education and care services, children and their parents.

The Parenthood Executive Director Georgie Dent said, “The NSW Government has today stepped up by investing billions in improving early childhood education and care services across the state.

“This huge investment will provide essential early learning infrastructure for our community and economy, and it’s a huge relief for parents, educators and providers that there is finally this level of leadership and assistance being provided.

“The NSW Government’s investment will help more children access quality early learning which sets them up for lifelong success, and ensure tens of thousands of parents, predominantly women, can return to the workforce.

Fortunately it also includes $281 million to grow the early education and care workforce by an additional 18,000 Australians.

“NSW’s leadership also opens up the opportunity for other states to follow its lead and join the new Federal Government in a bipartisan approach to reform Australia’s early childhood education and care system.

“What Australians need and deserve is political leaders at all levels focussed on delivering a universally accessible, high-quality and affordable early learning system.NSW has taken a massive step towards this goal today.

“Investing in the ongoing sustainability of high quality early learning now and in the long-term will benefit children, support parents wanting to get back to work and stimulate the economy. It’s never been more important,” Ms Dent said.

A not-for-profit organisation The Parenthood is Australia’s leading parent advocacy group with a reach of more than 72,000 parents from across Australia.