June 16th, 2022

New year of free preschool a huge opportunity for children and parents in NSW and Victoria: The Parenthood.


New year of free preschool a huge opportunity for children and parents in NSW and Victoria: The Parenthood

16 June 2022 – The Parenthood has welcomed the historic joint announcement today from the Victorian and NSW Governments to work together to transform early education.

Ensuring that every child in NSW and Victoria has access to 5 days of play based learning in the year before school is a game changer for children, parents and families.

It comes in the same week as a $5 billion early learning commitment by the NSW Government and will mean the introduction of universal early learning for four year olds in both of Australia’s largest states.

The Parenthood Executive Director Georgie Dent said, “Children and parents have been struggling for too long with an early learning system that’s been variously unaffordable, inaccessible and unsustainable.”

“The significance of the commitment for early learning reform in Victoria and NSW cannot be overstated, and nor can the profound benefits it will bring for children, women, families, communities and the economy.

“We know the first five years are crucial for children’s development and an extra year of play-based learning will give them a better start to life.

“We are seeing both Victoria and NSW not only recognise early learning reform is the right thing to do for children, it’s an astute investment in reducing the cost of living for families, increasing the workforce participation of parents and boosting the state economy.

“When the states and Federal government meet tomorrow, they should seize the opportunity for a bipartisan approach to reform Australia’s early childhood education and care system.

“We want every child, regardless of where they live or their family circumstances, to have access to quality early learning as it sets them up for lifelong success.

“Early childhood education and care is nation-building infrastructure that we need now,” Ms Dent said.